Our 30 years presence in the shipping market and specialization in the area of oil/chemical tankers guarantee optimum performance of the vessels under our Management Fleet.

Our services cover all aspects of commercial ship management such as Chartering, Ship Brokerage & Operations, Accounting, Research & Consulting, Demurrage & Claims .

The objective is to ensure that cargoes are safely transported, optimize performance without sacrificing quality services and maximize fleet utilization. This is achieved by using the lengthy managing experience of experts who are devoted to obtain the company objectives.

Specialization in regional short voyages with adequate small tankers requires extra monitoring of the ships operations, and constitutes a challenging part of the shipping business, as it involves many consecutive port calls within a very short time.

Additionally and irrespective of the age of the vessel, there are various criteria that must be met in order to accept a vessel in our fleet. Once those criteria have been met and vessels have been accepted, then we can guarantee the best possible outcome.

Our management team continuously monitors vessels’ position, performance and needs, on a 24 hours basis, in order to ensure timely support and solution to any problem or incident.

Commercial, Technical and Operational departments are working together and keep themselves fully updated with all vessels’ movements.

We consider our ships as a part of our family and we truly welcome you.

“People keep alive the ship’s steel souls”.

We are here to keep them alive.