The Company is dedicated to provide services to the TANKER MARKET and the public in general at the highest possible level with respect to SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, HEALTH, SECURITY and PERFORMANCE standards.

The Company’s philosophy and business strategy is to focus on modern and efficient vessels and to operate them with the most sophisticated management systems available in the market having safe operations as the core of all activities. The Company considers Safety, Environmental Protection, Health and Security excellence as the equivalent to OCIMF TMSA compliance.

The company has set such compliance to OCIMF TMSA as its prime operational target and has officially set the following long-term aspirations and goals:

Zero Incidents Operations

Zero Spills Operations or releases to the environment

Zero Customer Complaints

Zero Port State Deficiencies

Zero External Non-Conformities

Zero Health Incidents on Board

Zero security incidents

Reduction in permitted emissions

Operations at a Stage of Excellence (OCIMF TMSA Stage 4 Compliance)

The Company aims to reach these long-term aspirations and goals through continual improvement.

Everyone within the company has a role and a responsibility towards achieving HSSE excellence and this excellence can be achieved only if all individuals within the company share the same Safety Culture and concept of Safe Operations as related to their designated duties and responsibilities.

The Company’s Management is committed to actively participate in the implementation of the “Company Management System” and to provide the necessary conditions to improve performance in the areas of safety and environmental protection at all levels throughout the Company.

The Company promotes the concepts of safety and environmental excellence and expects all employees from the top management to every seafarer serving on board to participate in the effort to achieve and sustain long-term improvements towards a state of excellence.